Why Home Stage?

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Styling that sells for maximum value

First impressions are formed in moments, we'll stage your property so that it stands out from the crowd.  We understand that buyers love to feel an emotional connection to a property. We're experts at evoking that all-important emotional response, and creating a lasting & longing impression in the buyer’s mind.

We specialize in transforming spaces to be light and spacious, tranquil and calming, to appeal to a wider range of prospective buyers, we take your home to show case it at its best.

We're very proud of the quality and design of our inventory, carefully selected pieces from leading manufacturers in NZ and overseas.  We guarantee to find the perfect furniture, soft furnishings and accessories to accentuate your home.

“Everything is Designed, but few things are Designed well”
Brian Reed

All our furniture has been highly selected for its style and design, the inventory is brand new, latest scandinavian designs, minimalistic with a Japanese flavour & urban chic.

Accentuate the positive

Every home has its strengths and weaknesses. Suss and Grace home staging for apartments and units can make sure your properties best features always shine through. Even if your place is short on floor area, as many homes are, our highly trained and creative designers can make it feel spacious and contemporary. You can expect your investment in home staging to more than pay for itself through increased buyer interest and a higher selling price

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